Greetings from the Partners of
Farm to Market Broadband, LP

Farm to Market Broadband provides high-speed Internet access to homes and businesses in rural Central Texas.

Much as Texas built the farm to market road system in the 1950s to link farmers with towns that previously seemed far away, Farm to Market Broadband links individuals with communities nearby and around the world via the Internet.

Many of us desire both independence and the interaction that communities offer. Especially for rural areas and small towns, our wireless network makes it easier to have both. The Internet allows an individual to communicate with many other individuals with shared interests without necessarily living near them.

Because many of our customers interact via the Internet with local, national, or global communities—churches, professional associations, sports fans, and others—they’ve also become members of the Farm to Market Community, because our network links them.

We care about the Farm to Market Community. We foster it any way we can, and we invite you to read the pages of this Web site to find out what that means.

In the Cameron area 697-6710 or Toll-free 866-208-8522













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